What’s the deal?

{Why?} Life isn’t picture perfect, so why only share the perfect pictures?  I have a compulsion to control my little world, especially in our photos, so this blog is my challenge to myself to give up an eensy weensy bit of that control and share the good, share the bad…share ’em both and there you have {the facts of life}!

{Who am I?} I’m a mom of two little monkeys and I {heart} taking photos!  Other things I {heart}: God, Monkey A, Monkey M, The Hubs, friends, family, coffee, gardening, reading, Diet Dr. Pepper, crafting, sitting on my front porch, crime dramas, camping, attempting to exercise, blogging, singing in the car, girls nights out, tortilla chips, sleep, ebay, spaghetti squash, cheese, DIY, my yard, the internet, dancing, my cell phone, word of affirmation {read: comments!}, autumn, thrifting, garage saling, and cleaning {yeah…I’m still working on “loving” that one}.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your photographic journey through my picture {un}perfect life!


One Comment to “What’s the deal?”

  1. I love this, Abby!!

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