Scum-sucker: HELP!

Let me just begin by saying: My poor husband!  A good housekeeper I am NOT.  I’m not organized and I don’t like to clean…but I’m learning.  Baby steps.  Lately I’ve been trying to tackle one area each day.  Like my mother-in-law {who’s a professional organizer–yikes!} always says, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  Monkey M has been potty trained for less than a year and let’s just say, he has yet to perfect his aim.  This face has forced me to take on the bathrooms a little more often than I used to.  Believe it or not having a clean bathroom actually feels pretty good 😉  However, my biggest problem in the bathroom is the shower.  I’ve tried several different products claiming to “tackle soap scum and hard water buildup” to no avail.  We have hard {well} water and I just can’t conquer it on the shower walls!  Do any of you have any tried-and-true products that help power through the scum and minerals?  I  mean, I can get rid of in in small areas if I scrub with everything I’ve got, putting my whole weight into it, but there’s gotta be something easier than that, right?  {feel free to tell me, uh, hello…welcome to the world of cleaning.}  I’m sure The Hubs would be eternally grateful for any tips that would help make cleaning easier for me, therefore improving his chances of me doing it every once in a while 😉


5 Comments to “Scum-sucker: HELP!”

  1. I hate sharing the bathroom with males!!! It’s so much harder to keep clean. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions on the soap scum thing. Let me know if you find a good solution.

  2. Abby~ I’ve had the same problem for years! I am a cleaning NUT, so when it comes to this area, I can help! 🙂 I have tried ALL the products on the market that “claim” to remove soap scum, but none of them have lived up to my expectations!!! I have found 2 different methods that do the trick though. First one is pure lemon juice. It is not only green, but will cut the soap scum. Dip a towel in the juice and add a little elbow grease. Waaaa laaa! I usually follow with windex to remove the streaks. The other method and is even easier than method #1 – MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASER. Wet the eraser, ring out the water so it is just damp and scrub. Easy schmeezy! Good luck!!!

  3. I’ve used the advice of America’s #1 cleaning expert, Don Aslett, for years. He suggests you get the last shower taker each day to squeegee the shower and quickly towel it dry!

  4. I’m SO trying that magic eraser trick. Thanks for asking so I can steal all the tricks too, because I have no answers for you. 🙂

  5. Oh my, how have I not ever talked with you about this? I mean cleaning the shower? The funnest thing ever! No, seriously, how have we not ever talked about this? I am not a fan of this chore but I agree with Danielle…Mr Clean Magic Eraser is truly magic. Get it wet and go to town. If the tub is especially bad, I use Clorox Clean Up (not exactly good for the lungs or the environment) it truly will make your tub look new, a good starting off place anyway. Oh another note, I LOVE all the stuff you are making…sorry I’ve been a dead beat friend in the comment department.

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