Let’s get comfortable

Like I mentioned earlier, we’re snowed in here.  School has already been cancelled for tomorrow and, while I’m not exactly thrilled about the kids not having school {and therefore me not having some “me” time}, I’m just going to live into it and get comfy.  We’re not going anywhere so I might as well enjoy it, right?  So, I’m already catching up on my DVR’d shows with a glass of yummy Moscato and eating one of my favorite comfort foods.  And that got me thinking…about comfort food.  What’s your go-to food when you’re sad, cold, tired, lazy, etc.?  Mine can vary, but at the end of the day, if available, I’ll always go for Wheat Thins.  Sometimes Wheat Thins and cheese, sometimes Wheat Thins with tuna.  Yep, tuna.  My all-time favorite comfort “meal” is Wheat Thins, tuna and Diet Dr. Pepper.  A bit random and not at all healthy {except for the protein in the tuna, I suppose}, but oh man do I feel good when I eat it! 

{my #1 staple}

So tell me…what’s YOUR go-to comfort food??

{mixed with olive oil mayo...yum}

{make it diet, please}


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2 Comments to “Let’s get comfortable”

  1. cheez-its! but tonight i’m drinking homemade chai. 🙂

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