The Latest Models: By Request

Last week a friend requested some of these zippy little headbands to send in a V-Day care package to her cute little nieces.  I hope they like them!

{one little, two little, three little flowers}

{aren't they sweet??}

{this single flower has a secret}

{can you guess what it is?}

{it moonlights as a clip!}


6 Comments to “The Latest Models: By Request”

  1. Ok…seriously cute!!! How do I get my hands on one of these? Grace would LOOOOVE these! Love the one that is also a clip! You have an incredible talent!!!

  2. Abby, these are unbelievably cute. Do you still have an online store?

    You have a done a wonderful job, yet again.

    Lynn (from the RR)

  3. Ummm, I think I am in *need* of 2 of the single moonlight ones!! SO adorable!

  4. Soooo incredibly cute!!! {{LOVE}}

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