A girl and her glue gun

If there’s one tool {crafting or otherwise} that I wouldn’t want to go without, it would be my glue gun.  I married into this little mini–it’s old and homely, but I love it anyway!  It has saved me many times over.  I use it for the hair bows I make for Monkey A {and to sell occasionally}, all kinds of craft projects…remember the zipper ring when the super glue just didn’t cut it?  Yep, my trusty glue gun saved the day!  I even use my glue gun for fashion emergencies.  I got a pair of tall brown riding boots to wear with my black LC leggings.  Because I like to change things up with the trends, I tend to buy less expensive shoes/purses/clothes/etc.  {these boots were on sale for $34.99 when I got them–now they’re $29.99!  Hurry up and get yours!}  As much as I love these boots, the inner lining just didn’t hold up for me.  It ripped right at the heel/bottom of the zipper when I put my foot in once.  After a few weeks of using a shoe horn to get into the left boot every time I went to put them on, I said, “enough is enough!” and I grabbed the super glue.  After getting nothing but my fingers stuck together, I turned to my trusty old glue gun.  Success!  One of these days I’ll learn that in most of my scenarios, glue gun trumps super glue!


{so sad}

{glue gun = great fix on the fly}

Now, back to wearing my favorite boots sans the sweating, frustration, and shoe horn!


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