Today’s salad brought to you by Hamm the pig and Bubba the beef-cow

{steak and bleu salad}

For the last 3 days I’ve been enjoying this fabulously yummy salad.  Yes, I’m a creature of habit who likes to try new things.  Make sense?  I like to try new things, then when I find something I like, I eat it…a lot. 

Let me back up by telling you about the pig and the cow.  This past summer we decided to take a different approach with some of our meat–locally grown/raised.  This way we’d know it was fed the healthiest kinds of food, that there were no artificial growth hormones used and other things like that.  Buying meat like this isn’t for everyone, but we decided to give it a shot!  A friend of ours was raising pigs and asked if we wanted one.  Sure, why not?  The kids had fun “visiting” the pigs at different stages of their growth.  We ended up splitting a pig with the in-laws in August.  We’ve still got some of the bigger cuts left, but the pork sausage {unseasoned, so it’s basically ground pork} flew out of the freezer {when pigs fly??}!  For anything I would’ve used ground beef, I used the ground pork.  It was a great subtle change.  We enjoyed having the meat in the freezer so much that when we learned of another friend raising grass-fed beef cows, we were definitely interested!  A month and a half ago we split 1/2 a cow with 3 other families.  That’s a lot of beef!  But we’re going through it and oh, is it goooood.  We just learned that our friend with the pigs has 1/4 cow to offer and you’d better believe we’ll be taking it.  I’m definitely sold on buying local meat!  I’m really enjoying transitioning to homegrown, local food.  We’ll give the garden another shot this spring/summer and we’re considering getting a few chickens {I know!!}.  There’s a home  near our church that sells organic/free-range eggs {XXL in brown, light blue, mint green} and I’ve been buying them there for about 9 months.  I’m excited to possibly have our own chickens so we’re not spending $3/dozen…yikes!

Ok…back to the post!  One of my favorite restaurant salads is Boston’s steak & blue salad.  The other night I pulled a big ol’ sirloin steak out of our deep freeze for dinner.  The Hubs is very much a meat-n-potatoes kinda guy and, while I like my fair share of meat and potatoes meals, I wanted something a little lighter…with a few more veggies involved.  I remembered my fave salad and thought I’d try my hand at recreating it.  It turned out so fantastically fabulous that I had it for dinner again last night and for lunch today.  Not sick of it yet 🙂

To start, I threw a healthy heap of romaine in my salad chopper along with some grape tomatoes, crumbled bacon {yum–fresh, thick cut!}, crumbled gorgonzola and chopped it a bit.

I sliced some of the “like butta” steak {medium rare}

{Mmm...I heart this steak!}

Then added my butter toffee almonds, dried cranberries and some dressing {I used about a 1/2 Tbsp T. Marzetti’s Strawberry Chardonay and 1/2 Tbsp ranch} and tossed it with a spatula. 

{pre-toss. almost done}

{essential to all my best salads}

Seriously, I could eat this salad for lunch and dinner every day for a week, I think!  Oh, and I’ve had a lot of questions about the salad chopper.  You can see it in the above pics, and you can find it at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for $10-15.  I would highly recommend getting one!  I know my previous list of ingredients seemed long, but when else do you get that many veggies in all at once?  Heck, I wouldn’t normally eat some of those veggies, but in a chop salad, I can’t get enough.  My kids will even eat a chop salad!

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2 Comments to “Today’s salad brought to you by Hamm the pig and Bubba the beef-cow”

  1. Okay – so I gave my salad chopper a try for the first time last night. I must need a lesson. I guess there is still some good chopping needed before it goes in the chopper? I still ended up with some chunks of carrot and cucumber that just wouldn’t chop. I thought I chopped them small enough, but I guess not. 🙂 Trial and error I guess. Do you chop your veggies separately or do you just throw them all in and have at it?

    I can’t wait to try more and more yummy salads. 🙂

    • I don’t typically put carrots in for just that reason. I chop stuff up a bit before I put it in, like for cukes, I slice them then cut a stack of slices into 4 pieces. With the carrots, I like them enough by themselves and don’t feel like they add enough flavor to a salad to justify going through all the extra chopping. Although they do give great crunch… 🙂

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