Guitar Hero I am not {continued failure on my unofficial quest for perfection}

Last night was another one of those sigh-inducing scenarios for me.  Monkey M’s 4th birthday is tomorrow and today was his day to bring his birthday treat to school.  He LOVES cake pops {thank you, BAKERELLA!} so I decided to make some for his treat.  He’ll be having a rock-n-roll studio recording party this Saturday {he loves drums even more than cake pops}, so I got the bright idea to make little tiny guitars and drums out of fondant to stick on the cake pops.  {sigh}  Why do I make my life so difficult?  The pops aren’t that big to begin with, so I can’t use a cookie cutter…so how to make the tiny {approximately 1″} guitars/drums?

FONDANT: M’s favorite color is green & I had bought white fondant.  I used food coloring to get the right hue.

GUITARS: I bought a tiny wooden guitar from Micheal’s, put it on top of the rolled out fondant and traced it with an exact-o knife.  After the guitars hardened a bit, I dipped a toothpick in sparkly black decorating gel to “draw” the strings and other details of the guitars.  {Seriously?!  What was I thinking?!}  After the gel dried a little bit I brushed on a coat of metallic green {leaf green pearl dust mixed with a drop of lemon juice and a drop of water to make a “paint”}.

DRUMS: There were no tiny wooden drums to trace, so I free-handed them all before cutting them out with the exact-o knife.  I then drew on the details with the black sparkly decorating gel.  After attaching the fondant to the pop, I used the gel to draw drum sticks.

While the itty-bitty instruments were hardening off the side I got everything else ready.  {I had already prepared the cake balls and they were chilling in the freezer}  I dipped the pops in the melted chocolate and, while it was still wet I stuck the fondant shapes to the side.  Easier said than done, trust me.  I was NOT happy with how they turned out, but I reminded myself that I was making these for a class full of 3- and 4-year-olds.  Are they really going to care if the strings aren’t straight?  Or if the drum sticks are crossed or not?  Nope, I think they’re going to look at them and see a ball of chocolate on a lollipop stick and think–YUM!  Sugar!  Once I got past my penchant for perfection {and, let’s face it, I love the reaction I get for my crafty creativity} I moved on to the cake pop holder I found.  Cardboard, made by Wilton, cheap {$5.99 and then an additional 40% off w/ coupon}, reusable, way cuter than the chocolate-dropping-covered disc of styrofoam I usually use for letting my cake pops dry…how could I go wrong?  Assembling that thing should NOT have been as difficult as it was!  {sigh}  Oh well, I eventually got it put together, wrapped some green ribbon around the “plates” and it turned out pretty cute.  So…what do you think?

{tiny guitars and tiny drums on yummy little cake pops}

Here’s where more went wrong…the pops started to crack.  Guess I should’ve listened to the cake pop master when Bakerella said don’t freeze them, just chill them.  They expand as they warm back up–duh!

{cracking up}


{Such a bummer! Probably the best guitar...and the pop cracks.}


{cake pop counter chaos!}


{couldn't send the cake pop holder to school with an empty top tier and I just didn't have any more instrument-making in me...}


{some with sprinkles, some with pearl dust}

{my birthday boy with his special birthday treat. Can you tell he's excited??}

Despite my {un}perfect results, when M came downstairs this morning and saw them all, the look on his face was pure perfection in my book!


6 Comments to “Guitar Hero I am not {continued failure on my unofficial quest for perfection}”

  1. Great job! I’ve never tried using fondant before, but maybe I’ll get brave one of these days! I’m sure your little man LOVED his special treat. I’m getting nervous to do the Sesame characters in a few weeks. I have all of my supplies, so hopefully they will turn out. I have no doubt that they will take me an entire day to make though. Happy birthday to M!

  2. 1) you’re crazy. i can’t believe you tried to make all those tiny shapes. i’d go cross-eyed and reach for a bottle of… oh, that leads me to #2) love the wine glass in that photo. 🙂 3) LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake pop holder. brilliance. now tell me what it is so i can have one.
    4… and most importantly… HAPPY BIRTHDAY M!!

    • Seriously sitting here chuckling to myself at #2! Great minds… 😉

    • Oh, forgot to address #3…probably the fact that you used 3 instead of C) YOUR MOM threw me off…
      I got it at Micheal’s. Thanks {I’m sure} to Bakerella, they now have a small cake pop section! It’s a Wilton cardboard stand and it was only $5.99, but of course I used my 40% off coupon making it only $3.60!

  3. They are spectacular! Well done and I’m sure M felt like a rockstar today because of his mom’s brilliance. I love the closing line and pic of M at school!

  4. Abby…you are such a good mommy!!! Those are adorable. I have to say the first thing I noticed was the glass of wine!! hee-hee 🙂

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