Bowl full of joy!

{healthy goodness}

Some days I love nothing more than to fill my salad chopper with all the yummy fruits and veggies I can rustle up, add some chicken and feta, give it a good chop and VOILA!   Here I have what my friend C calls a “bowl full of joy”!  I might be imagining things, but I truly believe that regular bowls full of this deliciousness have been the thing to keep my winter sickness at bay so far.  But like I said, maybe I’m imagining things…but it can’t hurt, right??

{My typical chop salad includes: romaine, spinach, tomatoes, green/orange/yellow peppers, cucumbers, apples, strawberries, avocado, chicken, feta, dried cranberries, butter-toffee sliced almonds {YUM!}, and a touch of Brianna’s “New American” creamy balsamic vinaigrette dressing}

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3 Comments to “Bowl full of joy!”

  1. Yummy! What is a salad chopper?! Love all those flavors you’ve discussed….

    • Heather, scroll over “Salad chopper” in the post–I linked to the OXO site. I love my chopper! Same one they use at Food Life in WaterTower Place in Chicago 🙂

  2. “Bowl full of joy” is right!!! YUMMY!!!! Thanks for bringing a little more…oh who am I kidding….ok A LOT more JOY in my life!! 🙂

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