“I’ll crash; I know I will!”

Today was, for the most part a really cool day:

  • traveled out to my parents’ house for a photoshoot of the grandkids {Pink Tutu Photography}
  • took a nap while all 3 of the kids napped {!!!},
  • went to dinner at one of my favorite pizza buffets {seriously, I love a good pizza buffet} with my parents
  • felt like I was back in college when, after dinner my dad filled my gas tank and slipped me a $twenty 🙂
  • spent a lot of time laughing at the silly things my kids do and the crazy/smart/funny things they say
  • welcoming The Hubs back home after he had been gone for 4 days on a business trip, and now watching Inception {yes, we started it at 12:30am on a school night.  We’re wild and crazy like that}

However, two not-so-perfect things happened today {well, of course more than two, but 2 notable ones}:

  1. I forgot my purse.  Inconvenient, yes.  Major problem, not really.  In fact, I got a free tank of gas and twenty bucks out of that mistake 😉
  2. I almost got in an accident on my way to my parents’ house.  I had to take a turn-around exit to get to my parents’ and as I made the turn-around, I continued to spin out.  In the couple of seconds it took, I offered up a desperate prayer to God.  He stopped us a mere 2-3 feet from the guard rail {thankfully}, but we were facing the wrong way and a semi was coming toward us.  I’m certain God  gave me the calmness I possessed in the moment.  The semi saw me and maneuvered around me.  Several more cars came by before I was able to pull ahead, back up and turn around again…shaking terribly, but alive and unharmed.  Monkey A seemed to notice, but was a little too entranced by the video on the DVD player to fully register what had happened.  Monkey M, on the other had was fully aware of what had happened and almost happened.  When we got to my mom’s, he made sure I reported our “crash” to her, and again later when I talked with The Hubs.  My mom told me that on the way to dinner he told her that he was never going to drive.  As a lover of ALL vehicles, my mother was surprised and asked why.  He replied, “I’ll crash; I know I will!”  Then, when we got in the car to head home after dinner, he panicked a bit saying, “I’m scared, Mom!  I’m afraid we’re going to crash again!”  Poor little guy!  Thank GOD for protecting me and my Monkeys!

I’ll leave you with this sneak peak from the shoot today

{a mama and her monkeys}


2 Comments to ““I’ll crash; I know I will!””

  1. love love love the pics.

    and we had a “mommy crashed” experience when mattie was still in a rear-facing seat… not sure exact age… We were at a stop light and a guy hit us from behind. it was just a fender bump and no one was going fast enough to do any damage, but to this day makenna talks about “the day mommy crashed our van” and how “scary” crashes are. So thankful for God’s protection on you and your monkeys yesterday (and every day!)

  2. Glad you guys were ok. Those pictures are absolutely adorable!!!

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