I wish I was more embarrassed…

…but I’m just not.  Yes, tonight I spent 2 hours of my life with my girlfriends watching The Bachelor.   Most of our time was spent being face-buryingly embarrassed for the silly girls on the show, but I love my Monday nights with my girlfriends watching silly, silly shows like The Bachelor and talking about how we’d kill our daughters if they ever acted like that in public!


2 Comments to “I wish I was more embarrassed…”

  1. Very silly, yet so entertaining!! Plus…we get to chit-chat and make fun of the girls on the Bachelor for 2 hours!! Good times!

  2. this makes me laugh. i watched until just after the first limo. saw the slap. and then husband came down and turned on Lie to Me instead. I was kind of relieved to get out of the vortex.

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