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December 30, 2010

Porch Update

As I looked back over some posts before my abrupt hiatus from the blogging world, I realized I never updated you with pics of our {still only almost} finished front porch!  My apologies.  Here are a few more progress pics:

{working into the night}

{Monkey A assisting The Hubs}

{Monkey M had to get in on the action, too!}

{Here come the steps}

{And finally--the almost finished product! We still need to wrap the pillars and finish the cedar siding at the bottom. Yes, it's almost January now and that's still not done.}

{This is the way I like it best--at night, monkeys in bed, sitting with The Hubs and a glass of wine. Ahhhh 🙂 }

Much time has been spent on our new front porch sipping coffee, doing devotions, reading a book, sipping wine with The Hubs or Miss K across the street, waiting for the bus & Monkey A to get home, looking at Kindergarten papers, looking at Monkey M’s preschool papers, watching thunderstorms, taking sweet Monkey portraits, and so many other everyday things.  I just love a good front porch!  Next up in the porch area: wrap the pillars, install/paint the rest of the cedar siding, landscaping.  I’m a landscaping dummy…anybody care to help??

December 29, 2010

{Un}Chemicalled {aka all-natural} Beauty Products

So, have I mentioned that I’m not perfect?!  🙂

I am SO good at starting things, but often fail to follow them through to completion.  Can anyone feel me on that?

I’ve been busy, busy, busy this Christmas season taking a brief trip back to my craftiness.  For gifts for some of the women in my life I MADE all-natural lotion, chapstick and deodorant {yes, I took another stab at the homemade deodorant}!  Oh my goodness…super-duper fun.   I haven’t taken any pictures {yet!} of the process, but I will point you directly to my source at A Sonoma Garden.  I’m going to give the deodorant one more shot at controlling my WAY {un}perfect stinkiness!  The thing I like a lot better about this new recipe than the first one is that it has cocoa butter and shea butter and feels oh-so-good on my pits.  I think I may have to use a little more tea tree oil {which has all-natural antibacterial properties} than I’ve been using.  I’ve been holding back because it’s a strong scent, but for crying out loud, I need something to cover the “scent” of my B.O.!  Ok, enough about my stinkiness…  The lotion is THE easiest thing to make.  Seriously, unbelievably easy.  The toughest part for this “want-what-I-want-when-I-want-it” mama was waiting for my shipment of supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs.  And besides being easy, it is also of the feels oh-so-good persuasion.  Speaking of oh-so-good…the chapstick!  I can’t say enough about it all!  Lovin’ my all-natural, free of {un}perfect chemicals, beauty products.  Try them–let me know what you think!

Oh, and these products {while they may require a small investment up front–like $20-40, depending on how many of the recipes you attempt} are easy on the budget too!  The supplies make so many batches–great gifts and plenty to stock up for yourself.  Maybe you could share supplies with a friend or two to cut down on the cost even more?  Have a make-you-own beauty supplies party!

We now return me to my regularly {un}scheduled {un}perfect life…

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