How does my garden grow?

…with some success and a lot of mess and green beans all in a row.

Some of the vegetables in my garden have run their course for the season.  The zucchini and peas are pretty much done.  I planted a second crop of peas, but unfortunately I’ve got mutant ninja watermelon vines taking over my pea trellis!   Tonight as I went out to the garden to take stock of what can be harvested, what can be composted {yep, we’re composting now}, and what’s dead, I spotted the black bean plants.

Now, I love black beans and had such high hopes for growing my own.  Unfortunately these plants had been a bit of a disappointment from the beginning.  When they started to grow they looked just like the green beans.  What?!  I asked around to see if this was normal {not sure what I was expecting them to look like?}, but nobody here in Michigan seems to be growing black beans.  My other frustration was that when the rabbits would get into the garden {and that’s a whole ‘nother story}, they’d make a beeline for the black bean leaves.  Nevermind the fact that the green bean plants were right next to the black beans and {to me, anyway} they looked just alike.  The rabbits never touched the green bean leaves.  Umm…ok.  So I just sort of left the plants alone.  Stopped caring that there were no leaves left on the plants and the beans were brown/drying up.

{Sad, sad black bean plants}

{Little brown bean}

Ok, back to tonight.  For some reason I decided to split open one of these dried up ol’ beans and {gasp} inside were black beans!  I’d checked a few weeks ago and there were white beans inside, so I wasn’t hopeful.  I excitedly grabbed a bowl and started harvesting my precious black bean pods.  After my “shelling” I ended up with a whopping 2.57oz {yes, ounces} of black beans.  Not much, but you’d better believe I’ve got them soaking in the kitchen right now!

{YAY for little black beans!}

Another disappointment is the carrots in my garden.  I suspect my soil isn’t loose enough, so I’ll give them one more shot next year when we bring new soil in and do a better job tilling.  Anyway… I felt like my carrots had “cooked” long enough  and I decided to pull them all.  Bummer, bummer, bummer.  I got three that even resembled carrots.  Even through my disappointment I was proud enough of my three baby carrots to throw them into my chopped salad 🙂

{silly little carrots}

So there’s the skinny on my latest {un}perfect gardening goings-on.  In the next week or so our watermelons should be ready to harvest–yum!

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