***Contest closed {although you may still comment if you like 🙂 } RANDOM.ORG has chosen comment #3 – April Gann.  Congratulations, April!  Guess we have to get together 🙂 ***

{All zipped up}

Reconstructed zippers are all the rage these days.  Rather than shelling out for some designer YKKs, I thought I’d DIY a little zipper bling for myself.  While out garage saling a few Saturdays back with Monkey A, I found a bin full of old {still-in-their-packages} zippers for $0.10 and {joy!} since it was raining and the last day of the sale, everything was 1/2 off!  I bought a whopping $0.20 worth of zippers to play around with…and now I’m kicking myself for not snatching them all up.


Get yourself a zipper.  Any zipper will do, but I personally like the look of zippers with metal teeth better.

Cut off both ends of the zipper, separate the two sides and discard the zipper pull

{Cut off ends}

{All the pieces}

Cut off all but about 1/4″ of the fabric tape and throw it away {or save it for another project–any ideas?}

{leave 1/4" of fabric}

Fold the first couple of teeth back toward the rest of the zipper and make a few stitches to tack it down

Continue wrapping the zipper around and stitch through the entire spiral every 1/8″ or so.  Keep the needle as close to the teeth as you can to avoid stitching through the unraveling part of the fabric tape.

Once you reach the end of the zipper, secure with a few extra stitches and tie off

{back of your zipper spiral}

Once I finished my first two spirals I thought they were cute…but now what?   Earrings?  Hair pretties for Monkey A?  Then I remembered I had some ring blanks saved away from a fabric-covered-button project that never happened {typical!}–perfect!  I super glued the spiral to the ring blank and VOILA!  Or so I thought…

You probably already knew this, but super glue doesn’t adhere fabric to smooth, shiny metal very well.  So…I used hot glue.  I didn’t trust the hot glue too much, but I’ve been wearing my ring for a few days now and everything’s stayed together quite nicely, thank-you-very-much!  I wanted to try some Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue, but the top was stuck.  Again, typical–I’m impulsive and didn’t think the project through all the way to the end…but I made it work.  Tim Gunn would be proud 😉

{front side with ring blank}

***Now for the fun part: use this tutorial to make your own zipper spiral ring…OR win this one!  All you have to do is leave a comment here telling me what other {un}Perfect types of things you’d like to see on my blog.  At midnight {EST} Friday I’ll randomly choose a winner.  Get an extra entry by sharing this contest with a friend {or your whole FB friend list or all of your Twitter followers 🙂 }.  Leave a separate comment letting me know that you shared.  Good luck!***


15 Responses to “Zippity-Do-This”

  1. OMG!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this ring…if I don’t win this contest…I will pay you to make me one, cause I don’t feel like I have a crafty bone in my body!! 🙂 One thing I thought would be fun to see on your {un}Perfect blog is some fun/quirky moments from back in the day. I know you would probably have to scan some pics in….but it would be fun to see the “Abby” when you were little and as you were growing into the beautiful woman you are today!! 😉 Also, maybe some {un}Perfect pics while you and Mr. Kyle were dating!! Sometimes those {un}posed, {un}Perfect pics tell a better story than the ones that are posed and perfect!! Just an idea!!

  2. Abby! I love this blog! Great job on the concept and material- it’s so fun to read! I adore the ring and would love to win it. 🙂 So, I will tell you what I have been blog-stalking you for…any gardening advice. If you can figure anything out, please let me know. I keep coming home (after working 15 hour days) to plants in crisis in my yard and I’m not sure I can handle the stress. 🙂

  3. I should win this ring, just because we look alike, and if we look alike we should at least have the same jewelry. I’m just saying.

  4. I am SO in love with this project/idea! Totally ingenius re-vamp of another object…and it looks tres chic;) Thank you for reminding me that I should just get out and DO it…and not wait for the perfect moment, perfect ingredients, perfect lighting…whatever. I’m not perfect, and neither is life–and it’s in the grace that we find the most beautiful moments.

  5. Abby, very cool concept. You are so crafty! Love the ring. It would be so cool to buy different color zippers and mix and match the classic silver with say. .uh, pink or purple. .or even mix and match the classic silver and gold. Can you imagine how cool it would look to combine several of those zipper circles with several vintage buttons and make a bracelet? Way to go! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  6. Yup–super sassy ;). You could also spray paint them to make diff colors–I have another great zipper craft I’ll have to tell you about. Really cute for bracelets, hair stuff, etc.!!

  7. That is so beautiful!! This is my first time visiting your blog. Seeing the ring makes me want to see a necklace too!

  8. Abby!! Love the ring 🙂 And I want it!!! Thank you for the great tutorial because if I don’t win it…I’m gonna’ make it!! I love reading your blog. The thing I’d like to see you write about is your Once a Month Cooking. Sounds wonderful!

  9. Cutest. Ring. Ever. (wait, where have I heard that before??) So glad I came across your blog.. much fun and I know I’ll enjoy reading future posts! (oh, and I want that ring… seriously. Pick me.)

  10. Wow I am so bummed I missed out on the contest….

  11. I’m so bummed I missed out on this contest (for the story WHY I was MIA, I’ll message you later, friend). The important part is… I love, love, love this ring. And now I want one.


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