The Best Laid Plans…

…would actually require plans to begin with.  At least one would think.

{A porch no more}

The Hubs and I are Monkey-free this week and decided to re-do our front porch.  It’s a project I’ve been wanting to take on for a few years now.  So…The Hubs had a couple friends come over to help demo the existing porch.  Of course nothing goes exactly as planned, right?  The demolition went fine, but then came time to jackhammer the cement steps.  Apparently cement never stops curing and these steps have been here for a L-O-N-G time, so they’re super hard.  The jackhammer was struggling to touch the doggone things.  My poor neighbors and, more importantly {ha!}, I had to listen to this darn jackhammer until almost 10:30pm!  I could hardly hear my TV shows {pout}.  Now the porch and steps are completely gone {a day behind schedule}.

{Oh the jackhammer}

This morning Margaret, our mail carrier, came to deliver a few packages and remarked, “Getting a new porch, huh?  What are you going to do?”  Hmm…good question Margaret.  She chuckled at my response, but the sad part is that The Hubs and I are still {and I mean this quite literally–he just interrupted my typing to show me another plan drawing} trying to make the final decisions!  Hopefully we’ll get it all figured out and mostly completed by Friday when the Monkeys come back home.  I’ll let you know!


One Comment to “The Best Laid Plans…”

  1. Looks like a ton of work! Can’t wait to see the final results….will stay tuned.

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