So…I have a serious coffee addiction.  I’ve been known to scrounge and present nickels as payment.  Starbucks, Biggby, McDonald’s or even Speedway–it just doesn’t matter as long as it’s got caffeine and tastes halfway decent.  Recently I was perusing Martha Stewart’s website and she had the most glorious idea that helps my coffee addiction {in the summer} AND my budget!  What’s the main problem with making your own iced coffee?  The ice always dilutes the coffee way too much.  Enter genius {and DUH} idea: coffee ice cubes!  Why in the world had I not thought of that?

{Iced Coffee}

Every morning/afternoon when you have cold coffee left over in your coffee pot, pour it into ice cube trays to make your coffee cubes.  And then maybe start another pot dedicated specifically to chill so your iced coffee stays even colder.  Once your cubes are frozen, combine them with chilled coffee, milk and/or creamer, optional sweetener, optional syrup, mix, sit back and refresh your way to a fatter wallet!

Today I thought I’d take my iced coffee a step further and try it blended.  Can I just say…YUM!

{Coffee cubes}

Fill you glass with coffee cubes, then halfway full of chilled coffee.

{Chilled coffee}

Fill the rest of the way with milk, creamer and the rest of your optional {and highly recommended} goodies.

{Milk--fat free for me, please}

{Mmmm...Oh how I love caramel!}

Dump it all into the blender {I love using my Magic Bullet} and Frappe away into a creamy dreamy budget friendly treat.

{Talk about magic...}

Not only do I love a DIY caffeine fix, but I love saving $4+ on my addiction–I mean, habit 😉

{More GOODIES on top!}


One Comment to “FABuccino!”

  1. **Another trick you can use if you’re in a hurry (or if you’re out of the coffee cubes) is to brew a pot of double-strength coffee, and then pour it over ice, and flavor as desired. When I was a barista in college, this was the trick we used all of the time! Enjoy;)

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